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June 2017 – Teachers Corner

As the preschool year comes to a close, I think back to when September was just starting and we were all just settling into the preschool routine. The children have all come a long way and have grown by leaps and bounds. Just by looking at the photos on our “Our Friends” wall you can see the evidence.
We will be wrapping up the coming weeks with a seashore/ocean theme in the preschool as well as working on some gifts for Father’s day. The children will be able to enjoy one last music class for the year on Tuesday, June 6th. and Wednesday, June 7th. If you are free and would like to come back early and watch to see what the children have learned throughout the year, please join us (music class runs from 11:00-11:30).

Summer Closure:
The Preschool will be closed from June 24th. – September 5th. For the summer break. Contact to the preschool can be made via our website at; Please remove all inside shoes, extra clothes, art etc. on your class’s final day that you may have at the preschool as any items left behind will be donated to charity.
Welcome letter packages will be mailed out mid-August for those families that have registered to return in September.

Final Day Of Classes
Thursday, June 22nd. and Friday, June 23rd.
We will be having a small graduation ceremony for the children moving onto kindergarten as well as a recognition ceremony for the younger children. Class will commence with a short “free play time” and then a quick circle followed by a very quick snack, after which we will begin our ceremonies at the time stated below. Please note if you are planning on attending and your child has siblings they are welcome to join us for the ceremony portion but will need to remain with you during the entire time. Once we have completed the inside portion of our ceremonies, we will then move outside to have the children moving onto kindergarten place their handprints on the preschool while the other preschool children will be supervised on the playground. We will then gather for our final “goodbye” circle of the year!
Class ceremony start times:
M/W/F class – 10:45 am
T/Th class – 11:00 am

Graduation gown:
The preschool does have one graduation cap and gown which means we will need to do a quick switch over with each child. The gown and cap will be available for more photos after the ceremony if you wish. It is a very long time to have all the children sit in a circle during this time so we ask that you please do not ask the children to stop to take photos until we are done.

Ms. Mimi