Can Mommy or Daddy come to preschool with me?

Of Course!!
Parents and grandparents can visit anytime. And parents who choose full participation come with you a couple times per month.

Who will look after me?

Our teacher, Mimi Folkestad, is a fully certified Early Childhood Educator and loves kids.Playtime

Will I be safe?

That’s your teacher’s most important job! She can see you no matter what play area you are in. She’ll help you talk about your feelings and get along with your friends.

What will we do there?

  • Experiment with art and science
  • Dress up, build a block city, or curl up with a book
  • Sing songs and listen to stories

What will we learn?

  • To feel comfortable away from Mom and Dad
  • How to interact with friends, and how to share and problem solve
  • Number, colour and alphabet concepts
  • What you’ll need to know for kindergarten

Will we visit places?

After we settle in we will go on a few field trips thru out the year to fun places like the gym, grocery store, fire hall, library. Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa can come too!

Do I have to be potty trained?


How many friends will be in my class?

Class maximums range from 16 to 20 children.

As parents, what is in it for us?

  • Arrange to visit a class at your convenience.
  • You can pick the class times that work best for you and your preschooler.
  • Choose a level of parental involvement that suits your schedule.
  • You’ll have plenty of opportunities at social functions to meet and enjoy friendships with other parents.
  • Expert speakers address pertinent family issues at our free monthly meetings.